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accompany (v.)
go along with, go together with; join, attach
altar (n.)
table used in religious ceremonies
benefit (n.)
advantage, profit; aid; stipend, pension
celebration (v.)
festival, festivities
discourage (v.)
to try to stop or prevent something
elaborate (adj.)
detailed, complicated; carefully planned, worked out in great detail
energetic (adj.)
vigorous, full of energy
evidence (n.)
proof, something which proves or disproves
evoke (v.)
wake, arouse, bring out, summon
floral (adj.)
flowery, containing flowers; of flowers
garland (n.)
decorative wreath (of flowers, leaves, etc.); collection of poems or stories
graceful (adj.)
elegant and beautiful (movement, manner, speech, etc.)
image (n.)
figure; form; reflection; picture; likeness; embodiment
influence (v.)
affect, impact; impel, control
reign (n.)
period of time that a particular government is in control
revive (v.)
bring back to life
ritual (n.)
ceremony, formal procedure
stereotype (n.)
conventional and oversimplified concept or image
sway (v.)
move back and forth
tradition (n.)
custom, practice, convention