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unit 1 The Natural World

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erosion (n.)
gradual wearing away of the Earth by wind or water; disintegration; deterioration
extend (v.)
stretch, pull out to its greatest possible length, to reach past
fell (v.)
to cut down
habitat (n.)
place in which an animal or plant naturally grows or lives
impact (n.)
influence, effect
inhibit (v.)
forbid, prevent
intercept (v.)
cause to stop, to catch
logging (n.)
cut down a tree or trees for commercial purposes
myriad (adj.)
many, numerous
nutrient (n.)
nutritious substance, food
pollution (n.)
contamination, spoiling, destruction
stabilize (v.)
make stable; become stable
terrestrial (adj.)
of or relating to land
defence (n.)
array (n.)
a collection, a large number
aquatic (adj)
living in the water
vanish (v.)
to disappear
deforestation (n.)
process of clearing forests or trees
environment (n.)
surroundings; conditions in which someone or something lives
vegetation (n.)