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Going Out for Fun

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Kepelésh milowda gonya go da nax xiya?
Where will we go tonight?
Tolowda wanya pochuye fo walowda sowngit ke?
Do you folks want to listen to some music?
Sowngit to na gut, pampa.
Your music’s no good, old man.
Keting to pensa?
What do you think?
Da adewu de im tugut!
That song is great!
To gonya go fo imbobo rowm ke?
Are you going to a bar?
Dédawang imbobo rowm fo OPA.
That's a bar for OPA.
Kopeng mi da rowmwala deya.
My friend is the bartender there.
Oso, im bekedabúsh.
Also, it’s delicious.
Keting to wanya?
What do you want?
Mi wanya rowm.
I want rum.
Mi wanya rowm unte suku.
I want rum with (fruit) juice.
Mi wanya suku beláng.
I want milk.
Mi wanya owkwa.
I want water.
Mi wanya owkwa kaka.
I want coffee.
Mi wanya owkwa kaka gut.
I want good coffee.
Ere da Belte, na desh owkwa kaka gut.
In the Belt, there is no good coffee.
Kowl owkwa kaka ere da Belte im mal.
All coffee in the Belt is bad.
Da koyo deya im du sowngit tugut.
That cat there makes great music.
Mi tenye nafut.
I am hungry.
Mi wanya burito.
I want a burrito.
Da koyo deya im tenye tatuyingi OPA.
That guy/chick there has OPA tattoos.
Mi nadzhush.
I am tired.
Mi wanya go fo xom.
I want to go home.
Milowda na kang go fo xom.
We can’t go home.
Mi gonya go fo imbobo mi.
I’m going to my hole/apartment.