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a son of a gun
rascal; scoundrel
to nail
to accomplish perfectly; to arrest
a megabucks
very large sums of money
to mellow
calm down and relax (m...)
a meltdown
a sudden disastrous failure with potential for widespread harm
a mickey mouse
nonsense; something trivial
to move on someone
to attempt to pick up and seduce someone
a nark
drug police; a police informer
neat (adj.)
great, good (n...)
a negative
drawback or bad thing (n...)
to nick
to arrest someone
a nip
a small, quick drink of liquor
no sweat
no problem
to nuke
to cook or bake in a microwave oven
a pad
a place to live
a pain in the neck
a difficult or annoying thing or person
a paper pusher
a person who has a routine desk job
a party animal
someone who loves parties
to party hearty
to have a great time; to celebrate
practically no money (p...)