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down in the dumps
In a gloomy or depressed mood
fair and square
Just and honest
down to earth
practical and realistic
night owl
a person who often stays up late at night
wet blanket
someone who ruins a good time or dampens enthusiasm
hot potato
a difficult problem
eager beaver
a person who is excessively diligent or overly zealous
dead wood
nonproductive or nonfunctional persons
golden handshake
a sum of money, usually large, given to an employee on retirement, etc..
ivory tower
a place or situation remote from worldly or practical affairs
red herring
a subject or fact of little importance
(to) do time
to serve a sentence in prison
early bird
a person who wakes up early in the day
a song or song fragment that gets stuck in one's head
east bumblefuck
a location inconveniently far away
easy as pie / easy-peasy
very easy
easy on the eyes
easy peasy, lemon squeezy
interjection indicating something will be easy
eat me / bite me
a dismissive retort, like "Go away!"
eat one's gun
to commit suicide via a gunshot to the roof of one's mouth