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Dutch courage
courage inspired by drunkenness or drinking liquor
fair to middling
mediocre, pretty good, so-so
the accelerator of a vehicle
be hell-bent on something
to be determined to do something, usually something that people think is wrong
be on cloud nine
feel extreme happiness or elation
salad days
a period of youth and inexperience
loose cannon
person whose reckless behavior endangers the efforts or welfare of others
monkey business
frivolous or mischievous behavior
against all odds
despite very low probability
big enchilada / top banana
the boss; the leader (b...)
big kahuna
the important person; the knowledgeable authority on some matter; a chief
suck it up
to deal with something displeasing without complaining
close shave
narrow escape from serious danger or trouble
cruel; highly competitive
cold comfort
slight or negligible comfort
dead duck
person or thing doomed to failure or disaster
dim bulb
stupid person; dimwit (d...)
eat shit/ eat crap
an expression of extreme dislike or anger when used in the imperitive
far cry
something very different
upper crust
the highest social class