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to kick off
to die (k...)
killer (adj.)
extraordinary; great
a lip
impudent talk
to luck out
to be lucky or fortunate
to munch out
to eat ravenously
a nada
nothing; none
a noid
a paranoid person
a poop
information; the detailed knowledge
pumped (up) (adj.)
excited; physically and mentally ready (p...)
a puss
the face
a quick and dirty
rapidly and carelessly done
solid (adj.)
really good; cool (s...)
to split
to leave (s...)
stoned (out) (adj.)
alcohol or drug intoxicated (s...)
a Street smart
wise in the ways of urban life
a ticker
a watch; the heart
to the max
to the greatest or furthest degree
a turkey
a failure; stupid person
a turn-off
something that repels someone