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money; nothing; nonsense
a biggie
something or someone important
to bitch
a boob tube
a television set
a brew
coffee; beer
a cooler
Jail (c...)
a crap
nonsense; lies (c...)
a dinosaur
sth old fashioned or out of date
to eyeball
to look hard at someone or something
a fender bender
a minor accident
to goof
v. make a blunder (g...)
to goof off
to waste time (g...)
the hands
grubby (adj.)
unclean; untidy; unshaven
to hang a left (right)
to make a left (or right) turn
a head
a toilet; a restroom (h...)
a hickey
a love bite; swelling or "a bump" due to an injury
icky (adj.)
distasteful; nasty
the teeth
to kick back
to relax (and enjoy something)