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to total
to wreck or demolish completely
up for grabs
available for anyone
to veg out
relax and do nothing
a vibe
feelings (Usually with good or bad)
a wad
bundle of money (w...)
a wheel
a car
a whiz
a talented or skilled person
wired (adj.)
extremely alert
a wussy
a weak person
yukky (adj.)
bad; disgusting (y...)
zapped (adj.)
exhausted (z...)
a zip
to mosey
to leave quickly; to walk in a leisurely manner; stroll
an ammunition
toilet paper
an unworthy and hated personn; stupid person (a...)
a ball
a wild time at a party; a good time (b...)
a bang
a thrill; some amusement
a barf-out
an unpleasant person or thing (b...)
a bazillion
an indefinite, enormous number (b...)
a b-ball