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to ream (so) out
to scold someone severely
red hot (adj.)
important; in great demand
rinky dink (adj.)
cheap; inferior; broken down
a riot / a hoot
someone or something entertaining or funny
a road hog
driver who obstructs traffic by occupying parts of two lanes
ice cubes
a rug
a rug rat
a child not yet walking
to scarf
to eat something
a schmuck
jerk, an obnoxious or contemptible person
to screw up
make a mistake
sharp (adj.)
a shot
a try (s...)
a slammer
jail (s...)
a spud
a potato
a sucker
a person easily cheated, deceived
to take a hike
to leave; go away (t...)
taken (adj.)
cheated; deceived (t...)
a thread
to tool around
to drive or cruise around