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wǒmen qù...ba
let's go to ...
wǒmen qù cài shìchǎng ba
let's go to the vegetable market
wǒmen qù guàngjiē ba
let's go shopping
wǒ yào qù chāoshì mǎi dōngxi
I want to go shopping at the supermarket
wǒ yào qù yínháng qǔ qián
I want to withdraw some money from the bank
chāoshì yóu hěn duō rén
there are many people in the supermarket
rén shān rén hǎi
huge crowd of people
wóxiǎng qù mǎi shū
I want to go buy books
shūdiàn lǐ rén shān rén hǎi
the bookstore is full of people