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Lesson 18: Conditionals

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If/When we go to bed late, we feel tired the next day.
Když jdeme spát pozdě, cítíme se druhý den unavení. (zero conditional)
If/When it rains, it usually gets colder.
Když prší, obvykle se ochladí. (zero conditional)
If/When she needs help, she never asks for it.
Když ona potřebuje pomoc, nikdy o ni nepožádá. (zero conditional)
If we go to bed late, we'll feel tired the next day.
Jestli půjdeme spát pozdě, budeme se druhý den cítit unavení. (first conditional)
If it rains today, it'll get colder again.
Jestli dnes bude pršet, zase se ochladí. (first conditional)
If she needs help, she'll ask for it.
Jestli bude ona potřebovat pomoc, požádá o ni. (first conditional)
If I were you, I would go to bed early.
Kdybych byl na tvém místě, šel bych spát brzy. (second conditional)
If it rained, it would get colder.
Kdyby pršelo, ochladilo by se. (second conditional)
If she needed help, she would ask for it.
Kdyby ona potřebovala pomoc, požádala by o ni. (second conditional)
If we hadn't gone to bed late, we wouldn't have been so tired.
Kdybychom bývali nešli spát pozdě, nebyli bychom bývali tak unavení. (third conditional)
If it had rained today, it would have got colder.
Kdyby dnes bývalo pršelo, bývalo by se ochladilo. (third conditional)
If she had needed help, she would have asked for it.
Kdyby ona bývala potřebovala pomoc, bývala by si o ni řekla. (third conditional)