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mukakeun panto kowari
opened the gateway
Di inya aing teu heubeul
I did not stay long there
Séok na janma nu carék
Many were the people who said
hulu wano na Pakuan
the highest point of the realm of Pakuan
nu badayung urang Tanjung
the oarsmen were people of Tanjung
nu nimba urang Kalapa
the bailermen were from Kalapa
nu babosé urang Angké
the men paddling/rowing were from Angke
banyat aing di Kalapa
I went ashore at Kalapa
Undur aing ti parahu
I left the ship
ngahusir ka lamin ading
proceeded to the guest house
batri nyeungceum di kasturi
recently dipped in musk
kapur Barus
Barus camphor
betel quids
kalawan keris maléla
and the keris of plain steel
sanémbal na berejakah
the young man answered