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Tuluṅ ta kadaṅta.
Help your brother.
Saṅ hyaṅ Soma ṅaranira.
His name was (the god) Soma.
tanaya mami saṅ Dewabrata
My child Dewabrata
my hand
my sister
Adhyāyanya Bhāratayuddha
The chapters of the Bharatayuddha
Wĕtunira saṅ Suyodhana
The birth of Suyodhana
His being asked
Atyanta inak ambĕkni ṅwaṅ.
I feel very satisfied.
Anak mpuṅku kĕna śapa.
I am hit by a curse.
Parigrahani ṅhulun iki.
This is my property.
Wyartha ikiṅ kuṇḍala ulihku.
These ear pendants which I got are useless.
Hanih ikaṅ wiṣa.
The poison became harmless.
"an exclamation of contempt, challenge, censure or grief"
Aḍā hilaṅ tiku kaprajñanta, ṛṣi Gālawa!
Alas, that wisdom of yours has disappeared, sage Galawa!
Tibā tikaṅ rare riṅ wuṅkal.
That boy fell on the boulder.
Tejaniṅ Garuḍa ike.
That is the glare of Garuda.
Prasiddhānak mahārāja iko.
That really is your child.
Amṛta ikā.
That was amerta.