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sakeṅ ākāśa
from the sky
len saṅke sira
different from him
saka ri wĕdinya
because of his fear
Manaṅis ta saṅ Mādrī ri pĕjah saṅ Pāṇḍu.
Madri wept at the death of Pandu.
I pĕjah saṅ Hiḍimba manĕmbah ta saṅ Hiḍimbī ri dewī Kuntī.
Hidimbi made an obeisance for lady Kunti at the death of Hidimba.
dalĕmnikaṅ toya
The depth of the water
to attack
Hana ta lwah riṅ Māliṇī ṅaranya.
There was a river whose name was Malini.
Aku saṅ hyaṅ Indra.
I am Indra.
Brāhmaṇa brāhmaṇī kami.
We are a brahman and a female brahman.
Hana sira bhagawān Bhṛgu ṅaranira.
There was once a reverend named Bhregu.
Harṣa tāmbĕkniṅ ratu sāmanta
The vassal king is glad
Ih, mapa liṅmu Sanjaya?
Hey, what are you saying, Sanjaya?
Atyanta sampenyu kamuṅ nāginī.
Your disrespect is extraordinary, Mrs Serpent"