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Aṅrĕṅö pwa sira śabda.
He heard a voice.
Amaṅgih ta ya patapan.
He found a hermitage.
Amet ta sira upāya.
He is looking for a means.
Atyanta krodhanya.
His anger was formidable.
Kramaniṅ śiṣya
The behaviour of the pupil
Liṅniṅ guru
The word of the teacher
ṅaraniṅ dewatā
the name of the god
kramanikaṅ praṅ
the course of the war
kwehniṅ wadwa
the number of the troops
lawasni huripnya
the length of his life
manisni wulatnira
the sweetness of his look
tibāniṅ hudan
the falling of the rain
muṅgw iṅ tuṅtuṅ
to be at the top
manusup riṅ alas
to enter the forest
sihkw iri ya
my love for her
kĕneṅ panah
hit by the arrow