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Alah taṅ dewata.
The gods were defeated.
Milu taṅ Dhanañjaya.
Dhananjaya joins.
Mĕsat taṅ Takṣaka.
Taksaka sprang into the air.
śrī mahārāja
the king
Krodha śrī mahārāja.
The king is angry.
Hana ta rākṣasa si Duloma ṅaranya.
There was a demon whose name was Duloma.
Si Takṣaka ṅaranku.
My name is Taksaka.
Māti ṅgānya pun Kaca.
Kaca must be dead.
Prayatna ta saṅ Bhīma.
Bima was alert.
Masö ta saṅ hyaṅ Indra.
Indra advanced.
Mpu ḍaṅ hyaṅ purohita
His holy excellency the court priest.
Glāna ta śrī mahārāja
The king was weary.
Nihan ta kahyun ra putu maharṣi.
Such is my wish.
Pĕjah tekang daitya.
The demon is dead.
Luṅhā tekang dūta.
The envoy left.
Krodha tekang Ghaṭotkaca.
Ghatotkaca is angry.