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Ḍatĕṅ pwa sira.
He comes.
Hana ya brahmaṇa.
There is a brahman.
Hana sira ratu.
There is a king.
a well
Sukha kita.
You are happy.
Kĕnoh ika.
That is good.
Hana ta wulakan.
There is a well.
Ḍatĕṅ tānaknira.
His child comes.
Hana ta gunuṅ.
There is a mountain.
Sukha ta bhagawān Wyāsa.
The reverend Wyasa is happy.
Syapa pwa ya?
Who is he?
Rare sira.
He is a child.
Ḍatĕṅ pwa śubhadiwasa.
There will be a favourable moment.
Giri-girin taṅ ratu.
The king is seized with fear.