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Plans et avenir

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the future
mon avenir
my future
je vais
I'm going to
le lycée
the college or sixth form
un apprentissage
an apprenticeship
un emploi
a job
un employeur
an employer
sans emploi
un emploi mal payé
a badly paid job
un employé
an employee
to work
avoir un emploi bien payé
to have a well paid job
quitter le collège
to leave school
aller au lycée
to go to college / sixth form
faire un apprentissage
to do an apprenticeship
je resterai dans le Somerset
I will stay in Somerset
je ferai
I will do
I will go
J'aurai des enfants
I will have children
j'irai travailler à Londres
I will go and work in London
ton avenir
your future
son avenir
his / her future
notre avenir
our future
bien payé
well paid
mal payé
badly paid
je vais aller au lycée
I'm going to go to sixth form
il va aller
he's going to go
tu vas aller
you're going to go
ils vont aller
they're going to go
je ferai
I will do
leur avenir
their future
dans cinq ans
in five years' time
je voudrais
I would like