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Thape-ipenhe anwerne alheke
We went after supper
Re ilweke ngkwarle-iperre
He died from grog
ngkwerne ultakelheke re arnengarle tnyeke-iperre
He broke his leg falling from a tree
Darwin-iperre meye apetyalpeke
My mother came back from Darwin
Artetye-iperre ilye mpwareme
Boomerangs are made from mulga wood
Ayenge ikngerre-ipenhe
I'm from the east
akatyerre yalkele-arlenge arntapele aneme
Bush tomatoes and bush onions are in the bark (container)
Anyene unte kerele-arlenge arlkweme
You eat onions with meat
what's it like
merne atyenhe apwerte-arteke
My damper is like a stone
merne nhenhe-ulkere inaye
Get (me) some food like this
ampe mape apmwe-ketye alaye!
all you kids, watch out for the snakes!
arneke antyetyale atnyeketye
Don't climb trees, in case you fall
ayenge ikwere-ketye alengke-iwelheme
I'm hiding from him
John-le-ame renhe atweke?
Was it John who hit her?
unte-ame arerte?
Are you mad?
nthakenhe-ame anwerne irretyenhe?
What'll we do?
iwenhe nhenhe?
what's this?
iwenhe yanhe apetyeme?
What's that coming over there?
iwenheke artwe yanhe apetyeme?
What's that man coming for?