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ampe ngkwinhe the areke apmereke
I saw your child at the camp
Arlewatyerre alhwengeke irrpeke
The goanna entered the burrow
ampe akweke mape alheme kwatyeke irrpetyeke
The children are going for a swim
ayenge apmere-werne alpeme
I am going back to camp
ayenge apmere-werne-atheke alpeme
I am going back to camp
ayenge kwatye-werne-atheke alheme
I'm going to the water
re atyenge-werne-atheke iweme
He's throwing it to me11
arrweketye ltyentye apurte-ntyele apetyeke
the woman just came from Santa Teresa
mpwele school-ntyele
Have you two come here straight from school? Are you two back from school?
Where from?
urreye, apetyaye, kake ngkwinhenge!
Boy, come away from your elder brother!/ Boy, come with your brother!
alkwertenge-ntyele itne apetyeke
They came from Alcoota
Re inteyarrkwele-mpele alheke Arltangke-werne
He went to Artlunga by way of Ross River
Ayenge Alice Springs-ntyele alheke Cooper Pedy-le-mpele Adelaide-werne
I went to Alice Springs to Adelaide via Cooper Pedy
Nhenhele-mpele apetyaye, ure yanhe-ketye
Come this way, because of that fire
arrweketye nhakwe mparntwe-arenye
That woman is from Mpartntwe
ayenge apmere ikngerre-arenye
I'm from the east country
rapite iperte-arenye
rabbits are hole dwellers
kwatye alaye-arenye
coastal dwellers
caterpillar from tar-vine