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akngwelye atherre utnherreke
the two dogs bit each other
ratherre iwerreke
Those two split up (threw each other away)
gut an animal
marle ulyele aneme
The girl is sitting in the shade
ampe apwertele tneme
The child is standing on the rock
The akngwelye atweme apwertele
I am hitting the dog with a rock
re ure tyelkerneme ilepele
She is splitting the firewood with an axe
ingwele re alheke
he went in the night
arelhe-kenhe kere
the woman's meat
mwekarte artwe-kenhe
the man's hat
artwe anewe akerte
the man is married / the man has a wife
unte kwatye-akerte
you've got water
re rlkerte-akerte
he is sick (has sickness)
artwe anewe-kwenye
the man doesn't have a wife
unte mutekaye-kwenye
you haven't got a car
re rlkerte-kwenye
he's not sick
unte-ame merne-akerte?
have you got any food?
Re-ame lyete apetye-alpeme?
Is she coming back today?
arrkwekele apmere nhenhele arrangkwe-arle aneke
at first there was nothing here at this place
maneke arrangkwe
(I) haven't got any money
artwe arnkentye-arenye aneweke arrangkwe
A man who lives in a single men's camp doesn't have a wife
what for?
anwerne tyapeke alheme
we are going for (witchetty) grubs
arrweketyele merne iteme ampe akwekeke
the woman is cooking food for the child
marle yanhe ahele-irreme kweye atyenheke
That girl over there is getting angry with my girl
Ngkwarleke ayenge akangkeme
I like sweet things/ I like grog
ayenge apmereke irrare-irreme
I am homesick for (my) country