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listen! (more emphasis)
kwatye antywaye!
drink the water!
kwatye antyweyewe!
Drink the water! (a lot of emphasis ie 'do it or else!')
merne yanhe arlkwetyale!
Don't eat that food!
ankwe intetyale!
don't go to sleep!
Don't hurry!
alheme, aneme, irrare-irreme, itirreme
go, sit/ live, feel homesick, think (0 verbs)
atweme, arlkweme, iteme, antyweme
hit, eat, cook, drink (le verbs)
ayenge aneme
I am sitting
artwele ampe areme
the man is looking at the child
artwe ampele areme
the child is looking at the man
The kere arlkweme
I am eating the meat
ampe artelheme blanket-le
The child is covering herself with the blanket
arrweketye apernelheme urpele
The woman is rubbing herself with ochre
Mutekaye ikwerenhe ultakelheke
Her car broke down
ampe atherre arnele atwerreme
The two children are hitting each other with sticks