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arelhe anyente apmere ikwerenhele aneme
One woman is at her home
One woman is at her home (fast)
nhenhe ampe
this is a child
yanhe marle
that is a girl
nhakwe artwe
that is a man (over there)
Ampe nhenhe
this is a child
nhenhe ampe akweke
this is a small child/ this child is small
ayenge apmerele
I'm at home
Meeting aneke
There was a meeting
artwele angepe urrperle atweke
the man hit the black crow
angepe urrperle
the black crow
ampe akngerre atherre
two big children
ampe akngerre atherre atyenhe
my two big children
ampele kere arlkweme
the baby is eating the meat
ampele kere arlkweke
the baby ate the meat
ampele kere arlkwetyenhe
the baby will eat the meat
ayenge lhere-werne alheme kwatye inpetyeke
I'm going to the river to get water
marle mpe! Anwerne kele alpetyeke
come one girl! We've got to go now!
alpetyeke ayenge
I must go back
arlkwetyeke the kere
I've got to eat some meat/ I want to eat some meat
Atyewe atyinhe alhetye-akenhe
My friend can't go/ my friend isn't going
iwenhenge apwerte anthetye-akenhe?
why hasn't the money been given?
the ngenhe awetye-akenhe
I didn't hear you
Ayenge apwerte anetye-akenhe
I haven't got any money