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Bush trip

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Arlte pwetye-werne unthetyeke-arle alheke akerte
A day (some kids) went for a walk out bush.
Arlte akwetethe arlte apurrkele ampe mape alhetyarte pwetye-werne.
Kids used to go out bush on weekends.
arlte anyentele uternele amperlenge, ampe itne angkeke, “Kwatyeke irrpetyeke alhetyekaye!”
One day when the hot sun was beating down, the kids said, “Let’s go for a swim”
Ampe itne alheke apwerte arlenge-anthurre-werne
The kids went far out into the hills.
Ampe itne arratye kwatye iperte ikwere irrpetyelheke.
They went and swam in the waterhole.
Itne ikerenge arrkene akngerre atnyeneke
They had a lovely time there.
Kele arlte angwerrele anteme irreke.
Then it got late.
Ampe itne angkerreke merne pwetye-arenye aketyeke.
All the kids agreed to pick some bush tucker.
Itne arratye merne alangkwe arne akertneke antyemele akeke.
They were climbing high up in the trees to pick bush banana.
Alangkwe itnenhe itne akngirtneke atyeye itnekenheke ampere-werne, itemele arlkwetyeke.
Then they took the bush bananas back to the camp to cook and share with their little sisters and brothers.