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The snake's tree (Apmwe-kenhe arne)

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apmwe-kenhe arne
the snake's tree
ayekaye! Ayekaye!
Oh! Oh!
arlkeke apmwe
cried the snake
untame iwenhe-aperte apmwe?
snake, what happened to you?
thipele apayutnheke
asked the bird
yekwe, ayenge akutne
I don't know
angwenhele apeke re apmere atyinhe ultakeke
someone broke my home down
apmwele ileke
said the snake
alhwarrpe anthurre awelhetyale
don't worry too much
thipele ileke
said the bird
the arne arrpenheke aretyenhenge ngkwenge
I'll find you another tree
inarlenge angkeke
said the echidna
arne nhenharle artaye?
What about this tree?
arrangkwe, arne nhenharle arlpentye anthurrarle
No, this one is too tall
apmwe angkeke
said the snake
arrangkwe, arne nhenharle utyewe anthurrarle
No, this one is too thin
arrangkwe, arne nhenharle akweke anthurrarle
No, this one is too small
arrangkwe, arne nhenharle akngerre anthurrarle
No, this one is too big
Ye arne nhenharle mwarre anthurre
Yes, this tree is really good