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arrirtne ngwenhe iwenhe?
what's your name?
arrirtne atyinhe Emily
My name's Emily
Unte nthenhe arenye?
Where are you from?
Ayenge apmere nhenhe arenye
I am from here
Ayenge apmere Sydney arenye
I am from Sydney originally
Ayenge apmere Sydney ngentyele
I have just come from Sydney
Ayenge apmere Mparntwe-le aneme
I live in Alice springs
Ayenge 28 years old aneme
I am 28 years old
Ayenge warrka errema 'Filmmaking' irbumma
I work as a filmmaker
Ayenge Alice Springs Language School -ke irrpeme
I attend Alice Springs Language School
nthenhe werne alheme?
Where are you going?
ayenge alheme apmere werne
I'm going home