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ayenge ahentye aneme
I like...
ayenge ahentye anetyakenhe
I dislike
ayenge ahentye aneme merne arlkwetyeke
I like eating food
ayenge ahentye anetyakenhe Basketball-ke arrkene irretyeke
I don't like playing basketball
ayenge ahentye aneme kwatye antywetyeke
I like drinking water
ayenge ahentye aneme ice-cream awantyeke
I like licking ice-cream
ayenge ahentye anetyakenhe movie aretyeke
I don't like watching movies
ayenge ahentye aneme book reademe-iletyeke
I like reading books
meye atyinhe ahentye aneme salad arlkwetyeke
My mum likes eating salad
John ahentye anetyakenhe horror movie aretyeke
John doesn't like watching horror movies