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J'ai vingt-sept ans.
I am 27 years old.
Tu as les bottes.
You have the boots.
Il a des fromage.
He has some cheese.
Nous avons beaucoup de temps.
We have lots of time.
Vous avez une belle maison.
You have a beautiful home.
Ils ont les drogues.
They have the drugs.
Quand j'avais dix-neuf, j'ai habité aux États-Unis.
When I was 19, I ...
Tu avais toujours faim.
You were always hungry.
Il avait de l'argent.
He had money.
Elle avait peur des chiens.
She was scared of dogs.
Nous avions le temps.
We had time.
Ils avaient toujours trop chaud.
They were always too hot.
J'ai eu un accident.
I got into an accident.
Tu a eu faim.
You got hungry.
Elle a eu soif.
She got thirsty.