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Je serai devenue célèbre.
I will have become famous.
Quand tu seras descendu...
When you have come down...
Il sera arrivé.
It will have arrived.
Nous serons partis.
We will have left.
Ils seront nés.
They will have been born.
Pierre n'est pas ici, il aura oublié.
Pierre isn't here, he must ...
Luc est heureux, il aura gagné.
Luc is happy, he must ...
J'aurai mangé à midi.
I will have eaten at ...
je fais
I make/do
tu fais
you make/do
il fait
he makes; he does
il fait froid
it's cold
il fait chaud
it's hot
nous faisons
we make; we do
ils font
they make; they do