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se comprendre l'un l'autre
to understand one another
pour revenir à nos moutons
to come back to what ...
le capitaine accroché
Captain Hook
un mannequin
a model, a dummy
un chiot
une grenouille de bénitier
lit 'a frog of the font', i.e. someone who spends all their time in church-related activities...
la greffe a très bien pris
the graft has taken very well
aborder le sujet
broach the subject / bring it up
un créneau
a niche, slot, parking spot
je lui dois de faire...
I owe it to him to do...
moyennant quoi
in view of which, in return for which
en fin de compte
ultimately, at the end of the day
peter les plombs
to blow a fuse, to lose it