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The Last Night - Chapter 8

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"It was a wild, cold, seasonable night of March..."
Pathetic fallacy. Gothic setting which creates suspense.
"a pale moon, lying on her back as though the wind had tilted her"
Gothic setting builds tension and suggests unnatural events.
"borne in upon his mind a crushing anticipation of calamity"
Utterson's thoughts foreshadow a disaster that is to come.
"mopped his brow with a red pocket-handkerchief"
Careful choice of colour.
"moisture of some strangling anguish"
Utterson feels distressed.
"It was but for one minute that I saw him, but the hair stood upon my head like quills."
Poole describes seeing Hyde instead of his master.
"if this was my master, why had he a mask upon his face? If it was my master, why did he cry out like a rat and run from me?"
Poole questioning Utterson about Jekyll - desperation.
"it is the belief of my heart that there was murder done"
Poole promises Utterson that he knows that something is wrong.
"I shall consider it my duty to break the door."
Utterson breaks the door as he believes he has a responsibility to do so (moral or legal obligation).
"you felt it in your marrow - kind of cold and thin"
Poole describes that Hyde has an affect on people in their soul.
"that masked thing like a monkey"
Hyde is compared to a monkey.
"I give you my bible-word it was Mr Hyde!"
Poole swears on the Bible - the Bible held the uppermost power and respect in the Victorian society.
"Evil... evil was sure to come of that connection."
Hyde is evil. The connection of evil between Jekyll and Hyde.
"my shoulders are broad enough to bear the blame"
Utterson is going to sacrifice his honour to do what is right. He is humble and protective of others.
"Weeping like a woman or a lost soul..."
Poole compares his master to a woman - emphasising on the idea that women were considered to be weak.
"A dismal screech, as of mere animal terror, rang from the cabinet."
Hyde is acting like an animal showing his primitive nature.
"the most commonplace that night in London"
Description of the room - links in with the most "pleasantest room" - ironic as unlike "common".
"He was dressed in clothes far too large for him..."
Hyde is smaller in size, not fully evolved.
"the body of a self-destroyer"
Jekyll murders himself through Hyde.
"Your unworthy and unhappy friend..."
Jekyll's ending signature. His need for happiness has turned against him.