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The Carew Murder Case - Chapter 4

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"a fog rolled over the city"
Pathetic fallacy of the fog over London. Representation of Mr Utterson's mind.
"the night was brilliantly lit by the full moon"
Gothic setting of London.
"an aged and beautiful gentleman with white hair"
Description of Sir Danver Carew which highlights on his innocence.
"such an innocent and old-work of kindness of disposition"
Danver Carew is an innocent reputable man.
"he broke out in great flame of anger... carrying on like a mad man"
Hyde has no self-control and is easily angered for no reason.
"Mr Hyde broke out of all bounds and clubbed him to Earth."
Hyde is released from within Jekyll and attacks Carew.
"with ape-like fury, he was trampling his victim under foot and hailing down a storm of blows"
The brutality of Hyde's murder of Carew. Described in animalistic terms.
"Particularly small and particularly wicked-looking..."
The maid's description of Hyde to the police.
"first fog of the season"
Mr Utterson's mind is clouded again.
"the fog would be quite broken up"
Mr Utterson's confusion of the mind.
"the fog lifted a little"
Mr Utterson's mind is slightly more clear.
"the fog settled down again"
Mr Utterson's mind settles.
"this mournful reinvasion of darkness"
Jekyll is again submerged into his evil Hyde.
"like a district of some city in a nightmare"
Jekyll's fears and sins seem to be reflecting upon the city of London.