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Vocabulaire pour la salle de classe

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How do you say...in French?
I don't understand. Could you repeat that, please?
Would you write it on the board?
Would you help me?
May I go to the washroom?
May I go get a drink of water?
May I fill my water bottle?
What page?
May I use my phone to find the translation?
what's the date today?
Check (off)....
Fill in....
to staple
Put away....
May I borrow...
a pencil
a pen
a sheet of paper
a highlighter
some markers
an exercise book
a chair
my locker
a stapler
the chalkboard
the student desk
the chalk
a female student
a (male) student
a brush
(a piece of) rubber
a backpack
a pencil sharpener
a ruler
the glue
a check mark
a binder
a dictionary
the garbage/bin
a (male) teacher
a female teacher