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a large building where aircraft are kept
discovering why something does not work effectively and making suggestions about how to improve it
pave the way
something that makes another thing possible
arms trade
the buying and selling of weapons
share out
to divide something into smaller amounts and give one amount to each person in a group
have a say
to be involved in making a decision about something
go about sth
to start to do something or deal with something
be around
put money into sth
invest in sth
go a step further
take an extra action which adds to a situation
set sth apart
show something to be different from and usually better than other things of the same type
make a go of sth
make sth succeed usually by working hard
set up
formally establish a new company, organisation, system, way of working, etc.
to grow very well, or to become very healthy or successful
extremely good and exciting
to increase or make something increase and include more things or people
A foolproof method, plan, or system is certain to succeed and not fail
making you feel weak and without energy
pore over sth
to look at and study something, usually a book or document, carefully
including a lot of different places, people, subjects, etc.
a problem or disadvantage
reap (the benefits/profits/rewards)
to get something good by working hard for it
a sister or brother
to make someone less confident or make something weaker
take sb on
to begin to employ someone