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I said my vocabulary yesterday.
Do you say your vocabulary every day?
I make coffee every morning.
Yesterday, I made tea instead of coffee.
I go to work at 7 a.m.
Yesterday, I went to work at 7:30.
Do you take vitamins?
I took my vitamins yesterday morning.
My husband usually comes home around 6 p.m.
Yesterday, he was late and came home at 6:35.
But last month, we saw them two times.
Normally we see my parents once a month.
I know you like chocolate.
I bought you chocolate because I knew you liked chocolate!
Yesterday, I got home at 6:35.
Sometimes I get home around 6:15.
Normally I give my wife flowers for her birthday.
Last year, I gave her a dozen roses for her birthday.
Normally, I find comedies funny.
I found the film last night was very funny.
Most people think computers are useful.
In the past, people thought computers were only for smart people.
Please don't tell my secret!
My friend told my secret to someone, and now I am angry.
I become angry when there is a lot of traffic.
Yesterday the traffic was bad, and I became angry.
They showed the new students where the books are.
They normally show the students where the books are.
But yesterday, I left at 5 o'clock.
Sometimes I leave work around 3 p.m.
How do you feel?
Yesterday, I felt ill.
Can you please put on your coat?
I put on my coat yesterday because it was cold.
I brought some beer to the party.
Can you please bring some beer to the party?
When does the class begin?
My class began at 6:00 p.m. yesterday.
Sometimes I keep the wrapping paper from presents.
The wrapping paper was nice, so I kept it to use again.
The child held her mother's hand while they crossed the street.
Children often hold on to their mother's hand to cross the street.
Yesterday, I wrote 17 emails!
I normally write three emails a day.
Yesterday, I stood in line at the cinema for 30 minutes.
Sometimes at the grocery store, I stand in line for 20 minutes.
Do you hear the bird outside?
I heard a bird outside last night.
Don't let go of your balloon!
Why did you let go of your balloon at the park yesterday?
Please set the table for dinner.
Last night, I set the table for dinner.
Where did you meet him?
I met him at the park last week.
Do you run every day?
Yesterday I ran three miles.
Can I pay with credit card?
I paid with credit card at the restaurant on Friday.
May I sit here?
A nice man sat next to me on the bus.
Can you please speak with the teacher?
I spoke with the teacher after class about my homework.
I like to lie in the sun.
Yesterday I lay in the sun for two hours.
Can you please lead the group in singing?
I led the group in singing the Christmas carol.
I like to read books.
Yesterday, I read 15 pages in my book.
Flowers can grow very fast in the summer.
The sunflowers grew very fast after the rain.
Don't lose your keys!
Last night I lost my keys, and now I can't get into my car.
It's easy to fall on the ice.
Yesterday I fell on the ice and hit my head.
Last year, I sent 20 Christmas cards.
I like to send Christmas cards every December.
They are going to build a new apartment complex.
In Berlin, they built a new apartment complex near the river.
Do you understand?
I understood what the teacher said.
Sharon draws very nice pictures.
Sharon drew a picture of a horse.
If you drop a plate, it can break.
Yesterday I dropped a plate, and it broke.
How much time do you spend in the garden?
On the weekend, we spent five hours in the garden.
Can I cut your hair?
My sister cut my hair yesterday, and now it look awful!
Yesterday, the sun rose at 5:15 a.m.
The sun rises in the summer around 5 a.m.
Do you drive to work?
Yesterday, I drove to work.
I like to buy chocolate bars.
Yesterday, I bought three chocolate bars.
I wore a bikini to the beach yesterday.
What do you like to wear to the beach?
Can I choose the color for my new bedroom?
I chose the color pink for my new bedroom.