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When did my mother help me with my homework?
My mother helped me with my homework yesterday.
Where are we going to next month?
We are going to Japan next month.
Who bought a new car last week?
Ann bought a new car last week.
How long haven’t you seen Jack?
I haven’t seen Jack for ages.
Would you like to live in Canada?
I would like to live in Canada. (yes-no)
How can my brother sing?
My brother can sing very well.
When did she go to England?
She went to England last summer.
Who finally came?
The police finally came.
When are you going to talk to her?
I am going to talk to her first thing in the morning.
What did Jim buy?
Jim bought the old guitar because he liked to play.
Why did her mother bring her some tea?
Her mother brought her some tea because she was ill.
Where did Elizabeth see a fox?
Elizabeth saw a fox in the snow.
Do you sometimes feed the hens?
I sometimes feed the hens. (yes-no)
When did the accident happen?
What was there near her house?
There was a shop near her house.