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Simple Present: Affirmative

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He likes his classes.
[like] He _______ his classes.
She visits her friends at night.
[visit] She _______ her friends at night.
He goes to UNO.
[go] He _______ to UNO.
She sleeps from 11:00 to 7:00.
[sleep] She _______ from 11:00 to 7:00.
He drives to school.
[drives] He _______ to school.
She lives on campus.
[live] She _______ on campus.
He swims every day.
[swim] He _______ every day.
She watches DVDs at home.
[watch] She _______ DVDs at home.
He washes his car on Saturdays.
[wash] He _______ his car on Saturdays.
She usually eats breakfast.
[eat] She usually _______ breakfast.
He drinks coffee every morning.
[drink] He _______ coffee every morning.
She uses an iPhone.
[use] She _______ an iPhone.
He listens to music on aniPod.
[listen] He _______ to music on an iPod.
She walks to school.
[walk] She _______ to school.
He takes a break at 10:50.
[take] He _______ a break at 10:50.
I like my classes.
[like] I _______ my classes.
We visit our friends at night.
[visit] We _______ our friends at night.
You go to UNO?!
[go] You _______ to UNO?!
They sleep from 11:00 to 7:00.
[sleep] They _______ from 11:00 to 7:00.
I drive to school.
[drive] I _______ to school.
We live on campus.
[live] We _______ on campus.
You swim every day?!
[swim] You _______ every day?!.
They watch DVDs at home.
[watch] They _______ DVDs at home.
I wash my car on Saturdays.
[wash] I _______ my car on Saturdays.
We usually eat breakfast.
[eat] We usually _______ breakfast.
You drink coffee every morning?!
[drink] You _______ coffee every morning.
They use an iPhone.
[use] They _______ an iPhone.
I listen to music on an iPod.
[listen] I _______ to music on an iPod.
We walk to school.
[walk] We _______ to school.
You take a break at 10:50?!
[take] You _______ a break at 10:50?!
Mr. Jones often _______ [go] out on business trips.
Our class _______ [meet] three times every week.
teaches.... substitutes
Mr. Smith _______ [teach] us at present. He_______ [substitute] for Mr. Reese, who is our regular teacher.
At nine-thirty every morning our school bell _______ [ring].
John never _______ [come] to class on time.
The wind always _______ [blow] hard in this section of town.
have to
I _______ get up at seven o'clock every morning.