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Grammar Definitions: Basics XI

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Transitive Verbs
It is a verb hat expresses an action directed toward a person, place, thing, or an idea.
Correlative Conjunctions
Conjunction with words used as pairs
Absolute Phrase
Contians subject but no verb, modifies the entire sentence, connected to the sentence with commas.
Adjectival Prep Phrase
Prep phrase that modifies a noun or pronoun
Adverbial Prep Phrase
Prep phrase that modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb.
Object of infinitive
Word that recieves the action of an unconjugated verb preceded by the word "to."
Adjective Object Complement
Describes direct object, describing what it has become or been called.
Noun Object Complement
Renames direct object, telling what it has become or been called.
Common Nouns
– written in lower case letters, – refer to general categories (girl, ball, teacher), – can be pluralized
Proper Nouns
– capital letters, – specific noun, (Mary, California), – use restricted, such as pluralizing
Animate Nouns
Humans and animals, ...then human and nonhuman
Inanimate Nouns
Noun Phrase
– constituent type where nouns often occur with modifiers, – noun is the head, others describe/identify it
Determiner System
– used to identify rather than describe a noun
– Before the determiner, ~ all, half, both (of), ~ what, such (no definite article following)
– Follow the determiner, ~ cardinal numbers (1,2,3), ~ ordinal numbers (first, second, third), ~ indefinite quantities (several, many, few)
Determiner:, – definite (the)... listener has noun in mind, – indefinite (a, an)... listener does not have certain noun in mind
Determiner:, – like definite article, – indicate location of the noun relative to the speaker, – cross–referencing... number agreement with noun, – this, these, that, those
Possessive Pronouns
Determiner:, – my, your, his, their
Determiner:, many, several, enough, few, little, much, etc.
Nouns combined to make one new noun.
A person, place, or thing
Can be counted
Cannot be counted, do not have a/an proceeding, and cannot be plural
Deconstruct this sentence:
Definite article, adjective, noun, verb, preposition, definite article, noun