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Grammar Definitions: Basics VII

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indefinite pronouns
another, any, both, each, either, many, neither, one, other, some (these become adjectives when used with a noun)
which, whose, what kind, and how many - nouns
pronominal adjectives
Pronouns used as adjectives are called pronominal adjectives
conjunctions used in compound sentences
compound complex sentence
sentence with 2 or more independent clauses
common subordinating conjunctions
how to tell a complex from compound sentence
Should I tell my students that a sentence's structure can be determined based on the type of conjunction it has?
A figure of speech in which one word or phrase is substituted for another with which it is closely associated (such as "crown" for "royalty").
studies how sounds function in a language or dialect
study of the meaning of language
study of the structure of SENTENCES
role of context in the interpretation of meaning.
study of the structure of WORDS
a play on words; a pun.
rewrite especially to provide clarity or simplification of understanding of materal
two words that are spelled and pronounced the exact same way but have different meanings
two words spelled differently but sound same (phone sound vs homonym with is nym name spelled and sound same but different meanings)
define the suffix "-ness"
the state of being
making or applying
define the suffix "-ate"
define suffix "-able"
In a certain way
recursive approach to writing
Tell students they may need to revise their plans during the drafting stage of the writing process. flexible approach to writing
Aristotle's components of good drama
According to Aristotle, Choices Plot/Action, Time Frame, Setting are the three components that make up the most effective dramas
instructional strategies utilized before, during and after reading and teaches word identification skills
Directed Reading Activity (NOT used to encourage students to make predictions while reading. Thats directed-reading-thinking activity)
directed-reading-thinking activity
a strategy that encourages students to make predictions while reading
what is a graphic organizer used for in reading
show relationship between main concepts and terms in the text