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This, That, These, Those

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This exercise is easy.
These exercises are easy.
This room is too small for our class.
These rooms are too small for our class.
That pen on the floor is John's .
Those pens on the floor are John's.
This pack of cigarettes belongs to William.
These packs of cigarettes belong to William.
That boy on the other side of the street is George's brother.
Those boys on the other side of the street are George's brothers.
That book is out of date.
Those books are out of date.
That purse on the table is Mary's.
Those purses on the table are Mary's.
This is my English book.
These are my English books.
That is Henry's pen.
Those are Henry's pens.
This message is for you.
These messages are for you.
That letter on the table is for Mr. Smith.
Those letters on the table are for Mr. Smith.
This is my pen, not Henry's.
These are my pens, not Henry's.
That mountain in the distance forms part of the Rocky Mountains.
Those mountains in the distance form part of the Rocky Mountains.
This car belongs to my father.
These cars belong to my father.
That office at the end of the hall is the administration office.
Those offices at the end of the hall are the administration offices.
This chair is very comfortable.
These chairs are very comfortable.