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aboard [adjective]
Welcome _______ flight # 703.
adult [adjective]
_______ dogs are harder to place than puppies because most people prefer to adopt young dogs.
alarmed [adjective]
I was _______ when I saw his torn jacket and bruised face.
aware [adjective]
Are you _______ of the fact that true learning by understanding is much more rewarding than memorizing?
besides [adverb]
One day, scientists might discover other planets _______ our own.
cautious [adjective]
Be _______ when crossing the street: always look left, then right, then left again.
curious [adjective]
I love learning new things and am always _______ about how everything works.
curious [adjective]
Because I had a _______ dream last night, I was quite confused when I woke up this morning.
enormous [adjective]
My belly is too full because I ate an _______ sandwich for lunch.
entangled [adjective]
When my shoelaces became _______, it took me a long time to straighten them out.
excess [adjective]
Every Thanksgiving, I cut the _______ fat off the turkey and give it to my dog.
fierce [adjective]
He had such a _______ look on his face, I worried that he was likely to attack.
local [adjective]
Every Saturday, we buy fresh vegetables at our small, _______ farmer's market.
local [adjective]
Unfortunately, we missed the express train and had to take the _______ train, which takes much longer.
plain [adjective]
To contrast to her expensive and showy jewelry, she was wearing a _______ dress.
plain [adjective]
Math used to confuse me, but now that I understand the rules, I find it _______ and simple.
present [adjective]
Rodriguez was not _______ during the Academy Awards. He had preferred to stay at home.
rare [adjective]
The giant squid is so _______ that very few people have ever seen one.
rare [adjective]
While Matko likes his steak well cooked, I prefer mine medium- _______.
slight [adjective]
Even though we expect sunshine tomorrow, there is a _______ chance of rain.
wealthy [adjective]
Sam's aunt is so _______ that she can afford a full-time maid and cook.