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Grammar Definitions: Basics V

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dependent clause
a clause that cannot stand alone because it is not a complete thought
a piece of a sentence punctuated as if it were a full sentence. Does not contain both subject and verb
run-on sentence
two or more complete sentences written as one
nominative pronoun
do the actions in the sentence, he, she, it, etc
objective pronoun
form of personal pronoun. used when the pronoun functions as the direct object, indirect object, or prepositional object
modifiers before nouns
use an adjective if the word modifies the noun or pronoun, an adverb if it modifies a verb, adjective, or other adverb
pronoun-antecedent agreement
must agree in gender, number, and person
indefinite pronoun as antecedent
indefinite pronoun is the antecedent of a personal pronoun
elliptical comparison
a comparison made using "as" or "than" to begin a clause with words left out
subject- verb agreement
subject of a verb is never part of a phrase
collective noun
a group of people or things acting together
misplaced modifier
a phrase placed too far from the word it modifies making the meaning of the sentence unclear or incorrect
dangling modifier
a phrase intended to modify a word that is not in the sentence
possessive form of a singular noun or indefinite pronoun
possessive of multiple nouns showing joint ownership
only add 's to the end of the final noun
's after all nouns
possessive of multiple nouns showing individual ownership
's after
possessives of numbers, words used as words, and letters
absence of numbers
apostrophe after removed numbers
absence of letters
apostrophe in between committed letters
quotations around the title
titles of magazines, journals, newspapers, short stories, poems, book chapters, pages of a website, TV episodes, songs, etc
italics or underline
titles of books, websites, plays, movies, TV shows, operas, dance performances, etc
punctuation with appositives
commas around the appositive
punctuation with conjunctive adverbs
commas around the conjunctive adverbs
punctuation with direct addresses
comma after direct address
punctuation with parenthesis
no emphasis commas, use to set apart unimportant information