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according to
_______ historians, the document is not real.
ahead of / in front of
There are twenty people_______ us in line.
à la / like
She has her hair blonde and curly, _______ Marilyn Monroe.
along with / with
Jane went to the mall _______ David.
apart from / except for
_______ its wonderful kitchen, that house needs a lot of work done on it.
as for / concerning / about
I am still working, and _______ my health, it is very good.
aside from / except for / besides
_______ a small bank account, I have no money at all.
as per
The tenant is responsible for all damages to the apartment, _______ the leasing contract.
as to / with regard to / about
We are puzzled _______ how it happened.
in addition to
_______ his flat in London, he has a villa in Italy and a castle in Scotland
away from
The kite flew _______ the boy.
because of / as a result of / on account of / by reason of
The train was delayed _______ bad weather.
but for / except for
We would have reached the summit _______ the weather.
by means of / owing to
They succeeded _______ patience and sacrifice.
close to / near [to] / next to / by
The school is _______ the gym.
contrary to
_______ public opinion, my uncle is well and healthy.
depending on
We may go to Spain for our holiday, _______ the cost.
because of / due to
A lot of her happiness is _______ boredom.
except [for] / other than / but
He invited everyone _______ me.
further to
_______ our recent conversation, we are writing to confirm details of the forthcoming conference.
in addition to /as well as / besides
_______ movies, the company also published magazines.
[in] between
There were two houses with a narrow path _______.
in case of
This is the number to call _______ emergency.
in the face of
She left home _______ strong opposition from her parents.
in favor of
The committee is not _______ the plan.
in front of
She started talking to the man _______ her.
in lieu of / instead of
They gave me roast beef _______ ham.
in spite of
_______ her orders to stay, I left.
instead of
I ordered chicken _______ fish.
In view of
_______ what you've said, I think we should reconsider our proposed course of action.
irrespective of /
The legislation must be applied _______ someone's ethnic origins.
near [to] / close to / in
We stayed at an inn _______ London.
next to / by / near
My car is the one _______ hers.
on account of / because of
He doesn't drink alcohol _______ his health
on behalf of
_______ the entire company, I would like to thank you for all your work.
aboard / on board / on
Is everyone _______ the boat?
on top of / near / next to / by
The apple is _______ the book.
opposite to / across from
They are building a new park _______ the police station.
other than / except
Holidays _______ those in this brochure do not have free places for children.
out [of]
She stuck her head _______ the window.
outside [of]
She sat for two hours on the floor _______ his room.
owing to / because of / on account of / due to
I couldn't attend, _______ illness.
prior to / preceding / before
The company was more successful _______ the changes of ownership and editorship.
regardless of / in spite of / despite
We will persevere _______ past failures.
save [for] / but / except for
They found all the last documents _______ one.
thanks to / because of
_______ Mary, we have tickets to the game. She bought them early before they were sold out.
together with
The cost of food _______ drinks and prizes made it an expensive party.
up against
The car is _______ the back of the garage! Back out a little!
up until / up to / until / before / prior to
_______ yesterday, we had no idea where the child was.
up until / up to / until / before / prior to
_______ last week, my sister believed that Santa Clause was real.
vis-à-vis / in relation to / regarding / about
I've got to speak to him _______ his expenditures.
vis-à-vis / in comparison with
The decline in the power of local authorities _______ central government is worrying.
in regard to / with regard to / in reference to / with reference to
I am writing _______ your letter of 15 March.
according to
_______ our records you owe $230.
ahead of; before
He arrived _______ the others.
ahead of
We are well _______ their research.
along with / as well as
I ate some chocolates _______ some fruit.
as for
For Hawthorne, _______ Borges, his writing was a reaction to his cultural situation.
as for
My wife and I are well. _______ our work, it is not going well.
up against / facing
l am _______ some serious problems.
up against
We came _______ a very strong team.
outside of / except for
_______ this group of people, no one knows about this problem yet.
thanks to / due to / because of
_______ the storm, we have no electricity.
regardless of
We believe in freedom for all, _______ race or creed.
aside from / except for / besides
_______ Mary, Nancy, Craig, and Phil, I have no friends on campus.
as per / according to
I had two spoonfuls of the medicine after lunch, _______ instructions.
out of
Both she and her husband are _______ work
contrary to
_______ what you might think, I am neat and tidy.
out of
I jumped _______ bed and ran downstairs.
next to
What you want me to do is _______ impossible.
other than
The form cannot be signed by anyone _______ yourself.
depending on
I might to see a movie tomorrow, _______ what time I get home from work.
due to / because of / owing to
_______ wet leaves on the line, this train will arrive an hour late.
on top of / after / following / during
Hail came _______ a violent thunderstorm
in spite of
_______ the bad weather, I had fun on vacation.
in addition to / on top of / besides
_______ this, several other benefits are being offered.
except [for]
Our offices are open Monday through Friday_______ on national holidays.
on board
We finally convinced him to join the project. Now that he's _______, we can succeed.
next to
_______ skiing, she likes hiking.
between / in between
She squeezed_______ the parked cars and ran out into the road.
in lieu of / instead of
We gave money to charity _______ sending flowers to the funeral.
in favor with
Her economic theories are _______ the current government.
in favor of
The council voted _______ a $200 million housing development.