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Phrasal Verbs VI

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send up
to show how silly something or somebody is by imitating them in a funny way [informal]
sing along [with]
to sing at the same time as somebody else who is already singing
sell out [of]
to have no more of something to sell
stand out
to be clearly better than the rest
turn into
to change somebody or something into something else
turn out
to happen in a particular way that you did not expect
turn up
to appear or arrive [informal]
look for
search for
look up
seek information from
look round
examine [an area, place, etc.]
take after
be similar to a relative
grow up
become an adult
do up
repair, paint and improve an old building, car, boat, etc.
look back
think of the past
put through
connect by telephone
speak up
speak louder
cut off
disconnect [for example: the telephone]
hold on
get through
be in or establish communication with
stand for
symbolize, represent
break up
to end a relationship
break off
to end negociations
make up
come to terms
make up for
chew over
think about sg carefully
get across
to be communicated or understood
hand over
give sg officially to sy else
fit in
have enough place for sg in a place
break off
end suddenly
jot down
write sg quickly
let in
allow sy to enter
wind up
make a clock work
put off
delay, postpone
make up
invent a atory
pick out
choose carefully from a group
take in
absorb [info]
look up
look for info in a dictionary
think over
consider carefully
put down
land [plane]
give up
stop trying to do sg
get rid of sg
throw out/away
set up
build, create or start sg
fill in
complete a form
work out
calculate, find the answer
make out
manage to read
start/stop working [machine, electricity]
turn on/off
turn down
refuse an offer, proposal
cut down
reduce the size, amount or number of sg/kill a tree
figure out
think about sg till you understand it
brush off
be removed by brushing/rudely ignore sy
drop in [on]
visit w/o calling first or w/o an invitation
drop out [of]
stop attending [school]
fool around [with]
have fun while wasting time
get along [with]
have a good relationship with
get back [from]
return from [a trip]
get through [with]
be careful
look out [for]
run out [of]
finish the supply of [something]
sign up [for]
put one's own name on a list
be careful
watch out [for]
live up to
do as well as sy expects you [_______ the expectations]
brush up
improve, revise your language skills
look forward to
think happily about sg that's going to happen
drink up
finish your drink
sort out
solve a problem
give up on
stop believing in sy [to improve]
make for
go in the direction of sg
separate [finish a relationship]
split/break up
single out
separate from a group
make off with
steal sg and hurry away with it
round up
bring people together
pay up
give the money that you owe
look out for
search for sg
make up
invent a story
stick to
continue doing sg, insist on doing sg
get round to
find the time to do sg
write off
accept that you won't get it back
gang up
get away with
do sg wrong and not be punished
look up
find meaning [in a dictionary]
get on with
have a friendly relationship with sy
speed up
go faster
chill out
to relax. become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation
drop by
To visit
pay back
Repay money borrowed
swing by
drop by, stop by
wrap up
to finish
come in
come off
become unattached
come up
cut in
dress up
put on special or fromal clothes
drop in
visit unexpoectedly
drop out
eat out
eat in restaurant
get up
raise from a lower to a higher position; "Raise your hands"; "Lift a load"
cut off
stop the supply of; remove by cutting
cut out
remove by cutting
do up
make something beautiful
draw together
dream up
drink up
drink completely
drop off
take someplace
drop out of
empty out
empty completely
end up with
have an unexpected result
fall for
feel romantic love for
figure out
understand [after thinking about]
fill in
complete with information
fill out
complete [a form]
fill up
fill completely
find out
learn information
fix up
follow through with
get across
get people to understand an idea
get off
get on
get out of
benefit from
get through with
get to
reach someone or something; upset someone
get together with
give out
make up
invent [story-lie]
give up
stop doing something
bring up