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Phrasal Verbs V

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keep up
maintain a required pace or level
lay off
fire, dismiss, usually for economic reasons
run into
meet accidentally
run out of
to have no more of [something]
wear out
exhaust or tire through overuse or great strain or stress
play up
increase the significance of, move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent
pull it off
show off
try to attract attention, display proudly
take place
happen; come to pass
take turns
alternate, do something in turns
take up
begin [a hobby], turn one's interest to
turn down
refuse to accept
turn in
turn into
check on
to find out how or what someone is doing; "John goes to _______ Maria."
clear up
to help someone understand the facts of a situation; "Let me _______ any doubts"
catch up on
to do work one should have done earlier; "Buddy was _______ some accounts"
come up with
to think of an idea or a plan; "He _______ the idea"
come down with
to become ill; "I was _______ a cold"
clean up
to make someone or something become moral or responsible; "I was trying to _______ my act"
cut down on
to reduce the amount of something; "I wanted to _______ alcohol"
come on to
to make clear that one is interested in someone; "some woman _______ me"
calm down
to become relaxed after being nervous or excited; "_______, Maria!"
bail out
to help someonce out of a difficult situation; "He always _______ you _______ when you need an alibi"
buy into
to believe an idea, often a false one; "You expect me to _______ that story?"
come up
to arise, "When things like this _______"
count on
to depend on or be certain of someone or something; "I can't _______ you to tell the truth"
bring into
to introduce someone or something into a discussion; "Why are you _______ Melissa _______ the conversation?"
fight off
to try hard to repel or keep away; "I'm _______ a cold."
dump on
to tell someone all of your problems; "I don't want to _______ you"
drag into
to make someone get involved even if they don't want to; "I don't want to _______ you _______ this mess."
fill in
to tell someone about recent events they're unaware of; "_______me _______ on what John's been up to."
dream up
to think of a plan or idea, especially an unusual one; "Maybe I'm _______ the whole thing __."
force on
to push on someone something they don't want; "He said that she _______ herself _______ him."
dwell on
to think or talk about something unpleasant for too long; "Maybe I do _______ the negative too much."
dish out
to give freely; "Bou he can really _______ it _______."
force out of
to make someone tell you something; "I didn't have to _______ it _______ him."
end in
to result in; "You're scared your marriage is going to _______ divorce."
face up to
to accept or acknowledge an unpleasant fact or situation; "You don't want to _______ the fact that John's the cheating type."
end up
to come to be in a particular situation without planning it; "I don't want you to _______ getting hurt again."
figure out
to think about something until you understand it; "You need to _______ what to do."
feel up to
to feel capable or well enough to do something; "I just don't _______ it today."
fill in for
to do someone's work; "I'll _______ you."
finish up
to complete a task; "I'll _______ at work."
cut down
decrease it
cut off
stop the supply of
stop it
cut it out
get ahead
advance, obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
be friendly
get along with
get back at
get revenge against
get by
manage, come to terms or deal successfully with
throw away
get rid of
brush it off
not to let it have an effect
brush up on
review; relearn
come across
unexpectedly find
get sick with
come down with
look it over
look at it briefly
pick on
pick out
pick someone up
come/go and get
call on
call off
call for
request; suggest
call someone up
come along [with]
come over [to]
visit the speaker's place
cut out [of]
remove with scissors or knife
find out [about]
discover information about
join, meet
get together [with]
go back [to]
return to a place
go over [to]
approach; visit another's home
hang around [with]
spend undirected, idle time
hang out [with]
spend undirected, idle time
not give to
keep away [from]
begin a trip
set out [for]
sit around
sit and do nothing
catch up
to come from behind and reach the same level as someone who is ahead of you
come up
to appear or happen in a way that requires attention
cut off
to be completely separated from other places or people
give way to
to have its place taken by something else
go ahead
to take place as planned
to pass
go by [of time etc.]
go over
to look at or check something very carefully
hand in [to]
to give something to a person in authority
head for
move towards
lag behind
to move or develop more slowly than others
miss out
to not include something
pull down
to demolish a building that is no longer used
put out
to extinguish something, e.g. a fire or cigarette
put up
to construct or build a wall, building or statue
run out [of]
to come to an end, so that there is no more; to be completly used up
sort out
to organise something that is mixed up or untidy
belt out
to sing a song or play an instrument [informal]
die down
to become less active, strong or violent
to spend some time in another place, especially for a rest or holiday
go away [for the weekend/for a while etc.]
go on [to do]
to do something after you have finished doing something else
launch into
to start something very lively or energetic
let down
to disappoint somebody who was relying on you
put off
to delay doing something because you do not want to do it now
roll down [your window]
to open the window of a car