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Phrasal Verbs: Understanding

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be off
To be cancelled. [of an event/an arrangement etc.]
be off
to have gone bad.[of food]
be over
to be finished.
be taken aback
to be surprised and confused.[used in the passive]
beat up
to hurt someone badly by hitting and punching.
blow up
to destroy [something or someone] by explosion; to
blow up
a balloon/a tyre/a football etc. to
break down
to stop working [of machinery]
break down
to lose control emotionally or mentally.
break into
to enter somewhere [e.g. a house] illegally, especially by
break off
to end; to interrupt; to discontinue.
break out
to start, usually suddenly.
break out in
to become covered by [something].
break up
to end; to separate.
break up
to stop an activity
bring up
to take care of a child until it is fully grown and able to
brush up
to improve your knowledge, skill, or memory of
burn down
to destroy by burning.[usually of buildings]
call off
to cancel something; to abandon something that has already begun.
calm down
to become less excited and tense; to help someone [or a
carry out
to fulfil or perform [something].
catch on
to become popular.
check in
to report one's arrival.
cheer up
to become happier.
come across
to find or meet by chance.
come into
to receive something [usually money or property] after someone's death. money/property/a fortune etc.
come round
to regain consciousness.
come up with
to think of; to produce.
cut down on
to reduce In size or amount.
cut off
to disconnect, interrupt or discontinue something or
die out
to disappear completely; to become extinct.
do up
to repair; to improve the condition and appearance of
do up
to fasten; to button; to zip; to tie.
drop in
to pay a short visit, often without warning.
drop off
to stop a vehicle and let someone get out; to take
drop off
to fall asleep [often unintentionally].
drop out
to withdraw from, or stop taking part in [a competition, a
fall out
to quarrel.
fall through
to fail to happen or be completed [of plans,
fill in
a form/a questionnaire etc. to complete [a form].
find out
to make an effort to discover or get to know [something].
get away
to escape.
get away with
to do something wrong or illegal without being punished
get over
to recover from [something]
get round
to solve or avoid a problem.
get round
to persuade someone to do what you want; to persuade
get through
to contact someone [usually by telephone].
get through
to finish; to complete.
give in
to stop resisting; to surrender.
give out
to give [something or things] to each person in a group of people; to distribute.
give up
to surrender oneself [usually to someone].
give up
to stop trying to do something [often because it is too
give up
to stop doing or having [something].[of an habitual activity, smoking/drinking/a job etc.]
go down
to become less swollen.
go for
to attack.
go off
to explode or
go through
to examine [something].
go with
to match or suit [something].
grow up
to develop from a child into an adult.
hold on
to wait [especially on the telephone].
hold up
to stop; to delay.
hold up
to rob, especially using a weapon [e.g. a gun].
lay off
to stop employing [a worker], often for a short time
let down
to disappoint someone [often by breaking a promise or
let off
to excuse [someone] from [a punishment, a duty, or
let out
to allow [a person or an animal] to leave [a place]; to
look after
to take care of someone or something
look back
to remember and think about the past.
look down on
to think that someone [or something] is inferior, low or
look for
to try to find [something or someone], often a thing or
look forward to
to think with pleasure about a future event that you
look into
to investigate; to carefully examine a situation or event
look over
to examine [someone or something] carefully and fully.
look round
to visit and tour round a place.
look up
to find [or try to find] something [e.g. a telephone
look up to
to respect [someone]; to admire [someone].
make out
to see, hear, or understand [something or someone],
make out
to write [a cheque]
make up
to become friends again after a quarrel.
make up
to invent, sometimes with the purpose of deception.
make up for
to compensate for.
mistake for
to think wrongly that [one thing or person] is [another
own up
to tell [someone] that you have done something wrong or
pass away
to die.[usually of a person]
pass out
to lose consciousness.
pick up
to give someone a ride in a vehicle; to collect someone
point out
to draw attention to something or someone.
put forward
to offer [a proposal/a plan etc.] for consideration.
put off
to delay doing something until a later date; to delay an
put off
to discourage, or distract, [someone] from doing something.
put on
to dress oneself.
put out
to extinguish.
put through
to connect a telephone caller to the number he or she
put up with
to suffer [a difficult situation or person] without complaining.
run in
to use a new [or reconditioned] engine carefully until it
run into
to meet by chance.
run out
to use all of [something] and have no more left.
see off
to say goodbye to someone who is going on a journey at
set off
to start a journey.
soak up
to absorb; to become filled with [something].
speak up
to speak louder.
stand for
to represent or mean; to be a sign or short form of
take after
to look or be like an older relative.
take down
to record in writing.
take in
to deceive [someone]; to cheat [someone].
take off
to rise from the ground.[of an aeroplane]
take off
to remove anything that is worn on the body [especially
take over
to assume responsibility for, or control of, [something or a
take up
a hobby/a sport/a job/a habit etc.
tear up
to destroy completely by tearing.
tell off
to speak angrily to someone who has done something
think over
to consider [something] carefully.
try on
to put on an article of clothing to see if it fits and how it looks.
try out
to test something [or someone] by using it.
turn down
to refuse or reject [something or someone].
turn into
something or someone
wear off
to disappear gradually.
wear out
to use [something] until it becomes unfit for further use;
wear out
to tire greatly; to exhaust.
work out
to solve a problem by calculation or study; to produce a