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Idiomatic Expressions III

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off the beaten track
not usual, out of the ordinary
an able man in the wrong job
a square peg in a round table
to upset the apple cart
to overturn or disturb a plan or intention
by hook or by crook
any way at all, at any cost
to be in a bad mood
to get up on the wrong side of the bed
castles in the air
a dream about some wonderful future
to maintain the status quo
to keep things as they are
a sacred cow
a person or thing that cannot be criticized
through thick and thin
in spite of all sorts of difficulties
to take by storm
to make a fast impression
to be fine fettle
to be in high spirits, or feeling well
to live in a fool's paradise
to be happy without a real basis
the sum and substance
the heart of substantial part
on pins and needles
to be on edge, jumpy
to have one's fingertips
to have thorough knowledge, to have ready
a mess, troubles
a pretty kettle of fish
a severe test
the acid test
a blind alley
a direction that leads nowhere
to control completely
to twist around one's finger
to do one's heart good
to make one feel happy or better
worth one's weight in gold
extremely valuable, very useful
to make the best of a bad bargain
to change or go along with a poor situation
to make ends meet
to manage on a given income
to talk frankly
to lay one's cards on the table
a great surprise
a bolt from the blue
to reveal harmful secret
to tell tales out of school
to build upon the sand
to have a poor base, or not sufficient preparation
to toe the mark
to obey or stick to a rule or policy
to be under a cloud
to be in temporary disgrace or trouble
to flog a dead horse
to continue to make an issue of something that is over
the die is cast
an unchangeable decision has been made
a cat's paw
a person used as a tool or dupe
coup de grace
the finishing stroke
in a direct, open way
straight from the shoulder
to rub a person in a wrong way
to do something that irritates or annoys
to throw cold water
to discourage a plan or idea
took him to task
told him straight out
took a risk
shot in the dark
express yourself
vent your spleen
not original
run of the mill
working in excess
burning the candle on both end
avoid trouble
keep the nose clean
not making any bones about it
not hesitating to express oneself
pushing up daisies
a bug in one ears
tell someone to do something in gentle way
do it quickly
make short out of that
sold down the river
betrayed by a trusted person
drinking alcohol
wetting the whistle
hit the dust
on a sticky wicket
in a difficult situation