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Idiomatic Expressions II

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being scolded
on the red carpet
to show one's hand
to reveal one's emotions
to tilt at windmills
fight imaginary enemies
to feather one's nest
provide for oneself at the expense of others
fair weather friends
unreliable acquaintances
to sow wild oats
to lead a wild life
unexpected financial gain
make one's feeling evident
wear one's heart on one's sleeve
wash dirty linen in public
openly discuss private affairs
save face
to avoid disgrace
indian summer
warm autumn weather
take the bull by the horns
to face the problem directly
the lion's share
the major portion
from bad to worse
out of the frying pan into the fire
to maintain interest
keep the pot boiling
to make peace
to bury the hatchet
Philadelphia lawyer
a lawyer of outstanding ability
to gild the lily
to praise extravagantly
to steal one thunder
to weaken one's position
absentmindedness or daydreaming
to whitewash
to conceal defects, to give a falsely virtuous appearance
to break the ice
to make a start by overcoming initial difficulties
the grapevine
a secret means of spreading information
in a bee line
taking the straightest, shortest route
temptations that cause a man to sin
the world, the flesh, and the devil
to make brick without a straw
to attempt to do something w/o having the necessary materials
to gain control
to have the upper hand
draw in one's horns
check one's anger, restrain oneself
do things backwards
put the cart before the horse
turn the tables
turn a situation to one's own advantage
chip off the block
a son who is like his father
just in time
under the wire
to be at large
not confined or in jail
to irritate
to go against the grain
to wink at
to pretend not to see
to play possum
to try to fool someone
it's an ill wind that blows nobody good
someone usually benefits from another person's misfortune
to know the ropes
to be fully acquainted with the procedures
in trouble
behind the eight ball
left holding the bag
left to suffer the blame
a lick and promise
to do something in a cursory manner
tongue in cheek
to remove someone's advantage
to take the wind out of one's sails
two strings to one's bow
two means of achieving one's aim
on tender hooks
in state of anxiety
the mischief is done
the fat is in the fire
above suspicion
like Caesar's wife
in apple pie order
in neat order, good condition
apple polishing
trying to gain favor by gifts or flattery
the Draconian code
a very severe code of rules
the distaff side
on the alert
on the qui vive
to become angry
to get one's back up
to bring home the bacon
to earn a living, to succeed
to act like ordinary person
to get down off a high horse
the first water
of the best quality, the greatest
dyed in the wool
set in one's ways
blue chip
a highly valuable asset, stock, or property
as broad as it is long
it makes little difference
blow hot and cold
swing for and against something
in the doldrums
in a bored or depressed state
to strike while the iron is hot
to take an action at the right moment
once in a blue moon
on a very rare occasion
sleep on it
postpone a decision while giving it some thought
make a start
break the ice
loaded for bear
to be well prepared
to bring down the house
to cause great enthusiasm
to pull one's weight
to do a fair share of work
a white elephant
a costly useless possession
entirely, completely
lock, stock, and barrel
a feather in one's cap
something to be proud of
on the spur of the moment
on impulse, without thinking
to take French leave
to go away without permission
in the arms of Morpheus
forty winks
a short nap
from pillar to post
from one place to another
out of one's own hands
in the lap of the gods
weak spot
Achilles heel
cold shoulder
to disregard or ignore
making no sense
without a rhyme or reason
swan song
final or last
to get the sack
to be discharged or fired
ivory tower
isolated from life; not in touch with life's problems
the writing on the wall
an incident or event that shows what will happen in the future
on the bandwagon
joining with majority; going along with the trend
to hit the nail on the head
to state or guess something correctly
on the dot
exactly on time
to take under one's wing
to become responsible for
out of one's depth
in a situation that is too difficult to handle
to imitate or follow the example
to take a leaf of someone's book
brass tacks
the real problem or situation
hook, line, and sinker
completely, all the way
lily livered
to quit a place
to pull up stakes
to raise cain
to cause trouble, make a fuss
to leave no stone unturned
to try one's best, to make every effort
to throw the book at someone
to give the maximum punishment
terra firma
solid, firm ground
in seventh heaven
the highest happiness or delight
to tighten one's belt
to get set for bad times or poverty