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I believed it
I swallow the hook
a flash in the pan
promising at the start but then disappointing
not desired
a fly in the ointment
a pig in the poke
an item you purchase without having seen; a disappointment
the very best
A-1, the bees knees
all gussied up
improving appearances
in a bind
between the rock and a hard place
in an impromptu manner
by the seat of his pants
any shady partnership or less than upright scheme
chatting away
chewing the fat
very upset
climbing the walls
bunch of baloney
cock and bull story
cook my goose
make me look bad
dilly dally
eat crow
admit that I was wrong
flash in the pan
something that dazzles but doesn't get the job done
get angry
fly off the handle
for the birds
drunk out of his mind
four sheets to the wind
get me mad
get my goat
get organized
get your ducks on the row
take a risk
to go out on the limb
evil or mischief
grease monkey
greek to me
a rip off
did not conceal anything
he put his cards on the table
helter skelter
at the fast speed but in confusion
I hoofed it
I took the rap
accepted all responsibility
shut up
I want you to put a lid on it
I was put through the winger
placed in a very difficult situation
got totally drunk
I went on a bender
left me speechless
knocked me for a loop
lady of the evening
has no grace or manners
like a bull in a china shop
is very wealthy
living on the hog
very rich
make hay while the sun shines
profit from something immediately
make tracks
leave immediately
moot point
subject that is debatable
keep working hard
nose to the grindhouse
off his rocket
on the sly
from unofficial resources
on the up and up
out of the blue
all of the sudden
pack it in
low class people
to become very angry
seeing red,he was able to get a rise out of me
just wasting time
spinning my wheels
splitting hairs
being overly critical
stag party
bachelor party
deceiving me
stringing me along
a smooth talker
the gift of gab
the tail wag the dog
a minor part have a major influence
throw me a bone
give me a little bit of praise
it's too much
this takes the cake
to eat humble pie
to admit your error and apologized
to pour oil on trouble waters
to make peace, to calm someone
took a lot of flak
was severely criticized
took it in a stride
dealt with it calmly
not important anymore
water under the bridge
hiding my fears
whistling in the dark
excessive talker
any imminent danger
the sword of democles
pyrrhic victory
a too costly victory
a wet blanket
one who spoils the fun
to beard the lion in his den
to visit and oppose a person on his own grounds
insincere tears
crocodile tears
to carry the day
to win the approval of the majority
skid row
disreputable part of town, inhabited
to go up in smoke
to come to no practical result
to challenge someone
to throw down the gauntlet
feeling no pain
hobson's choice
to have no choice at all
to rule the roost
to be in charge, to be master
stock in trade
the necessary equipment
to humiliate
to take down a peg
pass the buck
to refuse to take responsibility
to idolize
to lionize the person
I'm from Missouri
a skeptic, one who is not easily convinced
red letter day
day of happiness, time for rejoicing
to let sleeping dogs lie
to avoid stirring up old hostilities
thumps down
signal of rejection
cause celébré
a famous law case or controversy
don't jump to conclusions
one swallow doesn't make a summer
a humiliating defeat
bitter pill to swallow
an ax to grind
having a selfish motive
sour grapes
claiming to despise what you cannot have
to change ones mind
swap horse in midstream
to be kept waiting
to cool one's heels
a diversion
a red herring
give away a secret
to spill the beans
stiff upper lip
courage in the face of trouble
cold feet
hesitation because of fear
look a gift horse in the mouth
to be critical of a present [gift]
to pay the piper
to bear the consequences